TM KZ R1 Prepared/Tuned Engine Package

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Part # 63027.1
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TM KZ R1 Prepared Engine Package - this is the factory tuned version of the R1, the newest offering from TM Racing Engines.

Includes engine, exhaust, silencer, carburetor and motor mount.

A TM prepared or tuned engine has crankcase and cylinder preparation with particular attention on cylinder transfer settings. Specialty parts such as main bearings and silencer put the prepared a cut above the regular stock engine.

Suggested torque values for: 
5mm - 6 ft-lb 8 nm aluminum 
6mm - 12 ft-lb 7 nm aluminum 
8mm - 14 ft-lb 18 nm aluminum 
12mm - 60 ft-lb 80 nm steel 
14mm - 100 ft-lb 135.5 nm steel


KZ Setup Notes (to be updated)


***********EPA REMINDER***********

As consumers you are responsible as per US EPA-OTAQ law that “EMISSION CONTROL INFO” tag stays intact for the life of the engine. If removed it is up to you to purchase a replacement. This tag has been tested for resistance with temperature and is impervious to liquid forms including gasoline. Not having this label on the engine at any time is a violation of Federal Law and is subject to Civil Penalty. Please be aware if this engine is used for any purpose other than competition events, you will be liable for such violations of EPA regulations and may face civil penalties of up to $32,500 per engine.

If you are without an emission control tag on your engine and need one, please contact us.