Spare Parts Kit - 4-STROKE **SALE**

$ 65.00 USD
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Does your kart or parts box require a little refresher before or after a race?  All of these parts are must-haves for spares to have on hand at any time.  They include accelerator cables, outer cable, cable clamps, registers, fuel line, fuel filter, wheel nuts, bead locks, and more!  With either the minor or major version, you save approximately 50% on retail! 

Check out the two different kits for 4-Stroke:

Part Quantity in MAJOR KIT Quantity in MINOR KIT
Accelerator Cable (AR196S) 2 1
Outer Cable (AR140) 8 4
Cable Clamp (AR139) 3 3
Fuel Line (K093D) 10 5
Fuel Filter (K209) 2 1
Wheel Nuts (ITL249) 12 6
Accelerator Register (AR137) 2 2
Bead Locks (IM124) 12 6
Pedal Springs (AR093) 2 1
Hose Clamps (GT016) 2 1
Shop Rags (IM-RAG) 5 0
PRICE $65 $35