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Part # X125T-Engine Only
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***This is the Engine Only configuration - No accessories are included (does not include coil,  water fittings, header, carb, air filter cap, motor mount, spark plug or clutch cover).  This is just the engine box.  To see the X125T-MX full kit, please see here.
"More for Less"
The TaG Engines have indisputably dominated the North American karting scene for the past decade. And why wouldn't they? The ease of a push button start, long rebuild intervals, and they are consumer friendly. In Europe, the modern, simple and high performance KF engines are extremely popular. What if we had the best of both worlds?  The X125T engine line is a reconfigured KF engine built for the North American racer. The complicated wiring system, expensive ignition, relay and electronic box have all been removed.

Introducing the X125T-MX, bringing TaG racing to the next level.  This next-gen TaG engine allows for more power, less vibration, and 15500rpm rev limit with 30hp. The innovative internal water pump, built-in hour meter (reader required) and one-piece pipe are designed for simplicity.  It will be available in  junior or asenior configurations, with restriction at the manifold.  The ever-popular Tillotson HL334A/HL334AB (23mm) carburetor is be used for Senior while the Tillotson 27mm is used for Heavy/Masters (the Tryton 27mm may be allowed regionally).  See homologation pdf below for more technical information. The accessories included are radiator, radiator cover, radiator mounting brackets, dampeners, airbox (with boot and clamp), wiring harness, pipe and battery box (with fixing hardware).

***Now TAG USA and IKF approved to race in Pacific Northwest Regional Gold Cup and various Clubs***
Running/mounting instructions
- Fuel mixture 16:1 or 6%
– Carb settings for Tryton HB27- L 1¼ H 1¼
– Carb settings for Tillotson HL334AB – L 1¾ H1
– Carb settings for Tillotson X125T 27mm – L 1½ H1
- Please note that you may require an engine plate if your motormount does not have a cut out on the back.  Part# A-120800A 
- Case comes empty of oil, PLEASE check prior to running. Requires 20cc or 20ML Recommended Part #: 00601
- Rev Limiter 15500
- Spark plug BR10EG
***TAG USA and IKF approved to race nationally in TAG USA and IKF sanctioned events.  Regional Series around the country running the X125T engine include: 
  • Northwest Sprint and Road Race Gold Cups,
  • SoCal Major League Karting Sprint,
  • Northern California Karters (NCK) Road Race,
  • NorCal Karters Sprint,
  • Texas Sprint Series,
  • The F-Series – GearUp Challenge – East Coast,
  • and more to follow as applications with other sanctioning bodies around the country are underway.***

Check your local regulations for all these TAG USA sanctioned series:




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