X30 Shifter Engine Package

$ 5,600.00 USD
Part # CPZ-125050AUCR
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The IAME X30 Shifter TAG ICC engine is geared towards the recreational racer.  The engine offers great realibility backed up with a punch of horsepower to beat any shifter kart engine on the track. 

The cylinder is constructed with cast aluminum and iron laser cut sleeve for perfectly cut angles and ports.  Making any repairs (if required) much more cost effective since the cylinder can be honed rather than being re-nikasiled.  Unlike the TM TAG ICC, the boost ports are open so the engine has much more power but in race configurations it runs at a heavier weight.

This engine shares all the same electronics and many parts as the well known Parilla Leopard which is well established with a strong dealer network so parts won't be an issue.

The Engine is supplied with:

  • Digital electronic ignition with 36mm rotor, with battery charger
  • Electronic box with RPM limiter
  • H.T. coil on damping spacers
  • Electrical kit assembly with starter key and SSR relay 
  • 12V-9A/h battery
  • Battery support and accessories
  • NGK BR10EG spark plug and resistive cap
  • Dellorto VHSH 30 CS carb with rubber fitting
  • Reed valve conveyor machined from full
  • Vacuum fuel pump with support plate and damping spacers
  • Inlet spacer with filter
  • Chain sprocket Z17 (also available 17T - 20T)
  • Precision casted exhaust fitting with fixing springs
  • Homologated exhaust system (10 segments)
  • Exhaust silencer and pipe
  • Universal fixing plate machined from full, with clamps
  • Water colling kit complete with pump, water pipes, thermostat, radiator and supports