Flood Crisis in Sumas

On November 15th, Sumas, WA and the greater North Whatcom County region of Washington State, experienced significant flooding. The flooding and associated landslide events represent the most significant flooding this region has seen since the flood of 1990. Damage to Sumas businesses, residences and infrastructure was catastrophic.

Like many businesses and families in our town, Italian Motors USA, and SIMA were severely impacted by the recent flooding event. With water levels reaching just shy of 6 feet, the loss was extensive. We are beginning to assess damages, evaluate needed repairs, and are starting the process of rebuilding.

Although there is a lot of work ahead of us, we are OK. A remote office has been set up in our Italian Motors team travel trailer while we work on structural repairs to the facility. We are now able to receive and fulfill orders (part of our inventory was submerged in water, so we will communicate on a per order basis regarding current stock status). Our communication and order fulfillment may be slower than normal, so we ask for your patience during this time. 

Your continued patronage and support is warmly welcomed as we begin the process of rebuilding this family legacy.

Pictures from Day 1