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2021 marks Italkart's 26th year of chassis construction. Michael and Claudio Valiante began their journey while racing the highly competitive ELF Fuel Constructors Series with drivers like Phillip Giebler, Danica Patrick, Giacomelli Brothers, Patrick Long, Julianna Chiovetti and many more. Claudia Carpentier (Valiante) debuted the chassis in this series and the family soon discovered the benefits of tuning, testing and developing your own chassis brand on your own soil. The Italkart brand took off in the Northwest and California, making its way to the top of the podium in numerous club, regional and national levels.

The Valiante family understands that winning alone does not sustain the life of a chassis brand. People want to be a part of something bigger. Claudio's natural flare for innovation and Michael's exceptional expertise in tuning and driving a kart, have allowed them to create a chassis that represents excellence, community and passion.

Italkarts evolution continues with their persistent search for improvement and enhancement of quality and driver experience. Italkarts main testing track is perfectly located in Washington state, which offers year round testing in various weather conditions.

Each Italkart frame is constructed with the finest chrome-moly and robotically welded. Each chassis is checked for trueness and meets the highest standards before heading to the assembly line. Unlike other manufacturers, Italkart produces, competes and offers the same chassis they race.

Most Recent Chassis Updates

Braking system upgrade
New cassettes
Aggressive new bodywork
New sticker kits
New steering wheel
Updated geometry 

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Italkart Cadet Laguna
  • $ 3,275.00 USD
Italkart Quattro
  • $ 4,675.00 USD
Italkart Laguna Red - OK(KF)/KZ
  • From $ 150.00 USD
Italkart Laguna Black OK(KF)/KZ
  • From $ 150.00 USD