The purpose of the Italian Motors USA racing team is to establish and develop a strong working relationship with our drivers and develop and learn about our engine and chassis programs.  Through more than 30 years of karting experience, Italian Motors has produced some of the best drivers in the world while becoming one of the most decorated karting teams in North America. We endeavor to develop communication and racing skills for our aspiring team drivers, giving them the tools to survive and thrive in the motorsport world.

The Italian Motors USA Team gathers and tests all product lines, which in turn allows us to share that information with our customers.


Italian Motors USA Racing team is fully supported by the chassis manufacture, Italkart.  The combination of the two companies has formed one of the strongest racing relationships in the industry.  This combination lead to winning one of largest events in the world and capturing the first, third, fourth and sixth spots respectively at the 2010 SKUSA Supernationals.  IM went on to win again in 2023 taking the total wins for the biggest event in the world to 6.

Italian Motors USA is the only racing teams in North America which has a in-house engine development program, test track, driver program and chassis development program.