IAME Cup info released! Enter now for free engines and trips.

In 2010, Italian Motors awarded 4 engine packages at the Year End Gold Cup Banquet along with a trip to the SKUSA SuperNationals in Las Vegas, Nevada.

What will be given away in 2011?

Like 2010, each time a racer enters a 2010 Region 6 Gold Cup Sprint event in Gazelle Cadet, IAME Leopard JR 2, IAME Leopard JR 3, or IAME Cup classes, your name will be entered in the draw for a Parilla Leopard engine. So, the more times you enter a Region 6 Gold Cup event, the more chances for you to win a brand new Leopard engine package!

Two other exciting prizes to be awarded will be trips to compete in the 2011 SKUSA SUPERNATIONALS!!  This huge prize which will be awarded to the IAME Cup Sr. and Jr. Champion at the Year end banquet, however, the winners must be present to accept the award. This will be a great addition to the popular Gold Cup Sprint Series and will give the Champion a great opportunity to compete against some of the best karter’s in the world.

“This is our way of saying Thank You to all great northwest racers that have supported the popular IAME Leopard and Gazelle engine packages over the years.” Said Claudio Valiante of Italian Motors.

Entires to these event's also allows you to participate int he IAME World Challenge Series which will consist in three events in France, Span and Germany.  To learn more about this series, click here www.tagchallenge.com

Class structure below

JR 1                        Gazelle Option (Cadet Chassis)
                               Age 7, Competition Age, through 11                     Weight 230 lbs
                               Carb/Intake HL334B with 19.8mm intake
                               Non-restricted Header

                               Miniswift Option (Cadet Chassis)
                               Age 7, Competition Age, through 11                     Weight 250 lbs
                               Carb/Intake Dellorto PHBG18

                               100cc Leopard Option (Cadet Chassis)
                               Age 7, Competition Age, through 11                     Weight 250 lbs
                               Carb/Intake HL334A/HL334AB
                               with 15mm intake
                               25mm Exhaust Restrictor

Leopard JR 2         100cc Leopard Option (Senior Chassis)
                               Age 8, Competition Age, through 12                     Weight 265 lbs
                               Intake Manifold Restrictor Size 15mm

Leopard JR 3         125cc Leopard Option (Senior Chassis)
                              Carb/Intake HL334A/HL334AB
                              Age 12, Competition Age, through 15                    Weight 320 lbs
                              30mm Exhaust Restrictor

Senior                    Leopard Option
                              Age 15, Competition Age  Above                           Weight 370 lbs

                              X30 Option (Tryton HB27-C)
                              Age 15, Competition Age Above                            Weight 385 lbs

                            Dragon Option (24mm carb or smaller)
                            Age 32, Competition Age  Above                           Weight 420 lbs


Masters                Leopard Option
                             Age 32, Competition Age Above                             Weight 390 lbs

                            X30 Option (Tryton HB27-C) 
                            Age 32, Competition Age Above                             Weight 405 lbs

                            Dragon Option (24mm carb or smaller)
                            Age 32, Competition Age  Above                           Weight 420 lbs

2011 Schedule

2011 Race Events
April 8-10 Horn Rapids
Richland, WA Seattle Kart

May 13-15 Chilliwack, BC
Canada West Coast Kart

May 27-29 Boise, ID
Snake River Karters

June 10-12 Horn Rapids
Richland, WA Tri-Cities
Kart Club

July 8-10 Spanaway, WA
Puget Sound Go Kart

August 5-7 Sumas, WA
Sumas International
Motorsport Academy

September 2-4
McMinnville, OR Portland
Karting Association

September 23-25 Mission,
BC Canada Westwood
Kart Association