Valiante Sponsers Junior Racers

March  22  2011 -  Professional race car drive Michael Valiante will be teaming up with IAME and Italian Motors USA to offer one of the most lucrative sponsorship programs yet. The program will award  ten  junior  drivers  a brand new Parilla engine (see age & engine types below) to compete in  the IKF Region 6 Gold Cup series. Karting has paved the way for Valiante's career in auto racing and he is honored to be part of a program that will give back to the karting community. "With the help from some of my personal sponsors, I am excited to offer the new generation of karters an opportunity to be a part of this amazing program.." said Valiante from Sebring, Florida.

If you or your son or daughter is between the ages of 8 and 12 and interested in applying for this program, please send your resume to or fax it to 604-253-0828 . Only ten drivers will be selected, so please include an outline of your accomplishments, why you like to race and what this opportunity would mean to you. Each driver  will  also undergo an evaluation. All drivers must be evaluated before April 1st; the first Gold Cup event. Evaluations will occur during the final Winter Series race on March 26th at SIMA. If you are unable to attend this race, please contact  Michael at to arrange a track day.

 Classes will follow as listed:

JR 1                       
                               100cc Leopard Option (Cadet Chassis)
                               Age 7, Competition Age, through 11                     Weight 250 lbs
                               Carb/Intake HL334A/HL334AB
                               with 15mm intake
                               25mm Exhaust Restrictor

Leopard JR 2        100cc Leopard Option (Senior Chassis)
                               Age 8, Competition Age, through 12                     Weight 265 lbs
                               Intake Manifold Restrictor Size 15mm