Sima Summer Series Round 1 Report



The Italian Motors Grand Prix of Sumas was held this last weekend in Sumas, WA at the Sumas International Motorsports Academy.  It was the first round of a six-race summer series which saw top drivers from the Pacific Northwest in attendance including the Hammer Nutrition team.  Most notable was the 20 kart shifter field.  The series pea picks for the first heat race and positions were inverted for second heat race.  The final was set by the combined results and offered some of the most exciting racing seen to date. 

IAME Senior

David Jurca got the jump in the first heat race with Michael Valiante slotting into second.  After trading the lead early on, Jurca was able toiante while Remo Ruscitti came from behind and chased Valiante down.  It lead to an intense battle between Valiante and Ruscitti with Adam Isman close behind.  At the finish line was Jurca first, Valiante second, Ruscitti third, with Isman and Tanner Coles finishing the top five. 

The second heat race found Ruscitti starting from the point and quickly running away from the field with Jurca and Valiante hunting him down.  Though the gap closed, the finish would stay with Ruscitti with Jurca and Valiante just behind.  Rounding out the top five was Isman and Scott O'Farrell. 

In the final Ruscitti, Jurca and Valiante didn't wait more than a corner to start trading spots.  By the half way point it was Ruscitti, Valiante, Jurca and Isman close together.  Ruscitti would drop out the next lap with a mechanical problem allowing Valiante to inherit the lead and the order would stay the same with Valiante crossing the line first followed by Jurca, Isman, O'Farrell and Donald McGregor.  McGregor would go on to set the fastest lap of the race while coming from the back of the field. 

 Rookie seniors Nik Thomsen, Keegan Laithwaite and Trevor Yip drove very well and showed promising speed.



Shifter was by far the largest class of the weekend with 20 competitors.  There wasn't a dull moment, even with the pea picking. The first heat race saw Ruscitti and Steve Perdue starting from the front row.  Ruscitti got the whole shot with Perdue close behind and by the half way point it was heated battle from second to sixth with Perdue, Jurca, McGregor, Isman and Valiante.  Perdue would rub the wall taking out McGregor and dropping Valiante back.  The finish line found the order of Ruscitti, Jurca, Isman and Scott Hargrove.

The second heat saw Valiante take the win over Daryl Redlin, Ruscitti, Hargrove and Benoit.  Benoit, like some of the other drivers, made the long trip to Sumas all the way from Portland.

Valiante and Ruscitti occupied the front row with Jurca and Hargove in row 2 and Benoit and Isman in Row 3.  Valiante launched off the line and was followed Ruscitti in Second and Jurca in third.  Jurca would drop out a lap later with a mechanical issue.  Valiante took the top spot with Ruscitti second, Hargrove third, Isman fourth and Benoit fifth.  For video from the weekend, check the following link: . Entitled “Starting from the Back” shows the race from Scott Hargrove’s point of view.


Tag SR

Tag Senior had a great turn out for the first Sima Summer Series race with 12 karts in the field.  Steve Bruns and Sean Hafenichter battled for 15 laps straight.  Coming out of the last corner to the checkered flag,  Bruns narrowly won by crossing the line only .12 tenths of a second ahead of Hafenichter.  In third was Pat Pitsch who entered his first race ever.



As always, the WWR rental kart race is one of the most entertaining races of the weekend.  With the concept of "rubbin is racing", battles raged in the WWR field which lead to a photo finish at the start finish line with Christopher Clark taking the win followed by Kevin Hay in Second,  David Carpentier in Third and Adam Isman’s father, Murray in fourth.


Sima would like to thank all of the drivers and teams for participating in the first round of the Sima Summer Series.  We hope to see you this weekend @ Round 2!  For more information, pictures or general info, please visit