Pro Tag Class Added to Region 6 Gold Cup Series

 Don’t miss your chance to race against the Pacific Northwests elite set of drivers, as the Region 6 Gold Cup Series introduces the PRO TAG class. Open to all Senior Tag drivers, this class promises fierce competition as we watch too see which driver and race package prevails.

 This premium class will set in motion at Race #4 on June 10-11 in Tri-Cites, WA and continue throughout the remainder of the series. Starting position will be based on Saturdays qualifying times for each respective class. For $50, drivers will complete in a 20 lap main event at the end of day Sunday. To keep costs down, the same tires which drivers use for the regular class heats/main will be the same one’s used for the Pro Race. Rules for IAME sr. and Rotax apply.

 Register online at Region 6 Gold Cup to secure your spot in this dynamic new class.