5 Things to Look For When Purchasing a Kart Stand

1. User Friendly
Your kart stand is essentially a tool to make life easier at the track. Look for a stand that's easy to put together with features like locking wheels, so your kart doesn’t run away when you're trying to lift it on, or adjustable chassis clamps, if you're using the stand with different karts.

2. Functionality
Functionality is personal preference. Think about your time at the track and how a kart stand can alleviate stress, frustration, or even physical pain. Whether you pit on gravel or pavement will determine what type of wheels you require. If you visit the track on your own, you should consider a one-person stand, or if you come to the track with a friend, a standard kart stand might work for best you. If storage is important to you, consider a kart stand with a tray for holding tools, chain lube or other accessories. Make a list of the top 3 functions that are non-negotiables to help you determine which stand will best suit your needs.

3. Quality
Your kart stand will be carrying over 200lbs of precious cargo. Choosing a kart stand with superior quality is vital in the longevity of your stand, as well as, keeping your kart safe. Quality stands can be found by searching for reputable companies with good customer support so you know you will be taken care of if you need assistance. Ask around at your local track to see what others recommend. Look for country of origin; generally speaking, most stands from Italy are high quality, although quality stands from the US are starting to emerge as well. 

4. Transportation
Fitting all your equipment, tools, tent and kart into your truck or trailer can be a challenge. Look for kart stands that break down easily and can be compact for storage and transportation.

5. Hold Your Load
All kart stands can hold varying weights. Be sure to check for the maximum load before making your purchase to avoid your stand from breaking or collapsing.

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