“Need a lift to the IAME International Finals?”



SIMA may just be able to help you out. In fact they'll be awarding IAME International Finals race packages to FOUR Class Champions. That’s right, beginning this year with the SIMA Winter Series, and carrying through to the completion of their SIMA Summer Series, race participants in four classes will be accumulating combined points from the two series towards the Awards Packages.        

Those Four Classes:

Tag Senior / Tag Masters / IAME Senior / Shifter Senior

Will be awarded race packages that include: Event Registration / Kart & Engine package / as well as Mechanic, all for this year’s upcoming IAME International Finals event in Lyon, France (October 17-20).


The Events:

SIMA Winter Series

Rd 1                 Feb  2nd

Rd 2                 March 9th

Rd 3                 March 30th


Sumas Int’l Motorsport Academy Sumas, WA.

SIMA Summer Series

Rd 1              May 4th    

Rd 2              June 22nd

Rd 3              July 13th

Rd 4              Aug 3rd 

Rd 5              Aug 24th

Rd 6              Sept 21st


Sumas Int’l Motorsport Academy Sumas, WA.


IAME International Finals

October           Oct   17-20

Location         Lyon, France


When the crew at SIMA (Sumas international Motorsport Academy) first came to us with the news we were more than a little intrigued. Such generous awards at the local level in North American kart racing are, after all, a bit unusual. So before undertaking the task of a “Full Write Up” we thought a preliminary investigation was in order.

We started our research with the award event itself.* In its current format , The IAME International Finals, it turns out, enters its sophomore year for 2013 having its inaugural running just one year ago at the “Actua Circuit de Lyon” in Lyon, France. Hosting one hundred eighty drivers, hailing from some twenty different countries in just its first running by any measure makes this event a clear success.

The track, Actua Circuit de Lyon, will once again host the event for 2013. This challenging French course possesses numerous passing zones making for exciting racing throughout.

The city of Lyon lies midway between Marseille, and Paris, yes, “Paris” (The Louvre Museum, Notre Dame Cathedral, Eiffel Tower)!

All this making for a superb opportunity to make the trek a few days early, or perhaps even to stay a couple of days after the racing concludes so as to experience some of the amazing sights and sounds that make Paris one of the truly sought after destinations in the world.

So what of the SIMA series itself you ask?

For those that have raced, or even just practiced there, you know the facility is in a word “Pristine”. Just three years new it is meticulously maintained. For those of you who haven’t been, we’re confident you’ll be impressed. The racing is quite competitive, class sizes very respectable. 

Events are one day, held on Saturday’s so as not to tie up your whole weekend. All are supported by café, parts, and service facilities.

You can call the Sumas International Motorsport Academy with questions, or go directly to their website at: www.simaracing.com.

*As of this writing there has been no official press release with details, terms, conditions and the like.


Any opportunity to compete in Kart Racing at the international level is a welcome one. Combining such an event with the possibility of spending a few extra days in France is rare indeed.

For the local Northwest racer who may have neither the time, nor the resources to participate in the various national events around the country, this may very well be your chance to see for yourself just what racing on the other side of the pond is all about.

So if you’re running an IAME package currently, the popular Rotax Int, or Stock Honda 125.


“Your ship may very well have just come in”