An attitude of gratitude

SIMA Thankful Post - Day 1 with Claudia Carpentier

Only a couple of weeks away from American Thanksgiving has us thinking about just how much we have to be thankful for. Not to be corny, but coming into work today, I couldn't help but feel a deep sense of gratitude for my place of work. Even though its a kart track, there is a sense of beauty and serenity here. I am personally very thankful for my dads perseverance and hard work in creating a beautiful place to come to work to. Your turn Henry Jenkins

SIMA Thankful Post - Day 2 with Henry Jenkins

Each day at the gates of SIMA I am thankful for newly opened doors, wide open horizons, hard battles to fight, long days to endure, opportunities to be challenged, the endless growing to be done, above all an environment where I can see my truest self reflected in what I create with my hands. -berries (aka Henry Jenkins) Your turn Christine Oliver Nunamaker

SIMA Thankful Post - Day 3 with Christine Nunamaker

I’m grateful for the opportunity to use all of my experience and skills to let other people do what they do best while I do what I love to do – to organize, to improve systems and processes, to analyze, and most importantly to me, to find balance – not just in terms of debits and credits – but in all ways. I’m grateful that in seeking balance, I get the pleasure and privilege of working with awesome owners, staff, customers and suppliers. I'm grateful that CV gives us nicknames, and Claudia encourages our personal growth, that staff have each others' back on race days and that I have this amazing place to come to every day.

- Christine Nunamaker @christine.nunamaker