IM Driver Profile: Remo Ruscitti

It’s fitting that our next IM Team Driver Profile happens to be a driver that just clinched the Challenge of the Americas Vice Champion in the Shifter Category. Congratulations to Remo Ruscitti!
Entering his 19th year with Italian Motors, Remo Ruscitti feels like a part of the family. His story begins at the age of 7, when Remo discovered karting after seeing a picture in a magazine. After months of pleading to his parents for a kart of his own, Remo received his first kart for his 8th birthday.
Remo and his dad started racing at their local track in Chilliwack, BC and eventually began travelling with the Italian Motors team throughout Canada and the US. Team mentor and driver coach, Michael Valiante, was working his way into the Auto Racing scene around this time. Remo had similar aspirations and by witnessing Valiante’s success he was able to believe that his dreams were also achievable. Valiante observed the natural driving ability and more importantly the level of commitment that Remo possessed. Remo devoted his weekends to training with Valiante and the IM team and it soon began to pay off. In 2008, Remo won the Stars of Karting East Championship in JICA, along with a number of club and regional victories. Since then, his racing career has flourished and his dream of racing cars came to fruition in 2016 when he stepped up to the Skip Barber National Racing Series. His most memorable race car accomplishments are his podium finish in the 6h Prototype Challenge at Watkins Glen, race wins in the IMSA Michelin Challenge and participating in the 24 hours of Daytona races.
In addition to Remo’s ontrack expertise, his offtrack persona is equally sharp. Remo has the rare mix of confidence, approachability and charm that draw people to him. His genuine interest and ability to connect with kids, make him a natural mentor. During race weekends, you will often see Remo offering guidance and joking around with the young racers. These interactions always boost the confidence of the kids and creates a light and fun atmosphere.
As for the future, Remo plans to continue racing both cars and karts throughout North America while also coaching and partnering to be an Italkart dealer in Canada.
The IM team and Valiante family have thoroughly enjoyed watching Remo mature and grow into an accomplished member of the karting community and a valued member of their team.
Congratulations on your recent success and we look forward to continue achieving great things together in the future.