IM Team Driver Spotlight - Tad Funakoshi

Driver Spot - Tad Funakoshi

From a young age, California native Tad Funakoshi was interested in motorsports. In 1996, when Tad was 9, his father introduced him to karting and he was hooked. Their first kart was a 92’ Emmick with a 4-Stroke Briggs where Tad raced in Junior 1. His most memorable accomplishments were winning SKUSA Pro Tour, qualifying pole at the 2’ Supernationals, winning at the 05’ Stars of Karting and landing 2nd on the podium at the Stars of Karting National Championship. ⁠
Tad had the ability to be both extremely chill yet super focused during race weekends. He brought an edge to the IM and Italkart team that they hadn’t yet tapped into. Tad taught the team the importance of approaching difficult situations with a sense of ease, which ultimately brought clarity and enhanced decision making. On track Tad was fast, determined and strategic. All of which set him apart and led him to his success. ⁠
Today Tad still lives in California and continues to be involved in karting. He currently mentors’ young up and coming drivers, working as a tuner and driver coach. Karting is a passion that he can’t escape and hopes to always be involved in some form of another. Tad says the most important lesson he learnt from his 24 years of karting is perseverance, “If you want something bad enough". @budfunakoshi