In a continuing effort to further advance the Italian Motors USA engine tuning department, our trained engine technicians traveled to Italy in search of a new highly developed engine dynamometer.  While overseas, they visited the API COM Srl factory, one of the most respected dyno manufacturers in the industry today.  API COM develops motors which satisfy the high demands of world renowned companies such as Ducati, Piaggio, Aprilia, in addition to many others.

As a result of the trip to Italy, a new API dyno has been constructed in the Italian Motors USA facility, and it is the only dyno of its type in operation in this country. It is complete with a fully enclosed room as seen in these photographs. This dyno has advanced programming with a multitude of features, including electronic throttle control for computerized controlled acceleration, track mapping to prepare motors for competition, an automatic break-in procedure at various RPM's, and magnetic resistance for loading.

After each motor is rebuilt or super-stocked, it will be placed on the engine dyno for complete evaluation at the customer’s discretion.  A dyno sheet is given to the racer with the need to break- in a fresh motor having been removed. This is a great advantage, especially with the limited practice time available on most race weekends. Services are available for a variety of motors and brands. 

A large part of the Italian Motors Team success comes as a result of what is developed on the IM dyno and translated into the IM Tuning department. This technology is available to all of our customers at all levels, ranging from 80cc, 100cc and 125cc powerplants.