The X125 Engine Line
The X125 engine line was developed by Claudio and Michael Valiante as a boutique package for racers in search of a distinct motor package with uncompromising quality and speed, and unmatched manufacturer support. First introduced to the market in 2015, the X125 quickly found its way to the top of the field in the Pacific Northwest.

Since then, the engine line has been raced and enjoyed by drivers competing in the F-Series and the ICP Cup, as well as, in Bermuda's racing scene.

Complete Engine Line
X125WC 125cc Tag, Water Cooled Catalogue-WC Homologation-WC
X100AC 100cc, Tag, Air Cooled Catalogue-AC Homologation-AC
X125AC 125cc, Tag, Air Cooled Coming soon Coming soon
X125-OK 125cc, Direct Drive, Water Cooled Coming soon Coming soon
X125-PV 125cc Tag, Water Cooled, Power Valve Coming soon Homologation-PV
X125T-MX 125cc Tag, Water Cooled Catalogue-MX Homologation-MX