Bengio CARBON Rib Protector

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Part # Bengio-C-S
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Check out the new 2020 version.

Bengio HST Carbon Rib Protector *Note that Carbon model has yellow inside and buckles.

This handcrafted shell of this rib protector is a triple layer shield of fiberglass and carbon fiber compound allowing for more elasticity, achieving the best fit while providing unparalleled protection.

SHIELD: A triple layer of fiberglass and carbon fiber compound gives higher resistance, more elasticity and best fitting.

PADDING: The closed cell foam 8mm thick, 100 kg/mc density, gives comfort and protects the driver from vibrations in high frequency.

BACK SHIELD: Internal framework in Texon480 / Back covered with a soft perforated fabric / Padding in a 5mm. closed cell foam.

ERGONOMICS:  We handcraft our products so we can realize the chest protector that fit perfect on you.

CUSTOMIZATION: We can customize our product to make your very personal Bumper.



BENGIO Frequently Asked Questions:

- Is the sizing chart accurate? 

Yes. To determine your size simply measure the circumference of your chest at it's widest point under your armpits. Match that measurement to the corresponding size on the size chart. You can find a video that shows this in more detail on the Bengio product pages on our website

- What is the difference between Standard, Carbon, and Kevlar? 

The Standard rib protector uses fiberglass for the hard shield. The Carbon has a layer of carbon fiber over the fiberglass, and the Kevlar version has an additional layer of Kevlar fiber over the fiberglass and carbon layers. The Kevlar is the stiffest, with the Carbon slightly less stiff, and the Fiberglass less stiff than that. They are progressively better at absorbing and dispersing impact. 

- What is new about the 2020 version of the Bengio Rib Protectors? 

The 2020 Bengio Rib Protectors feature a new Velcro closure system that eliminates the pinch point of the old double d ring closure system. It also adds an extra level of padding to the front of the rib protector.

 - How durable are the Bengio Rib Protectors? 

All Bengio Rib Protectors are very durable. The straps are thick nylon strapping that are riveted to the shield layers. They employ high strength Velcro and extra stitching where needed. The shield layers are highly resistant to cracking and wear although some wearing of the surface finish is normal. 

- What is the Integral Rib Protector ? How do they differ from the other Bengio Rib Protector

The Integral is generally intended for young drivers that need additional chest and back protection, although they can be used by any age driver looking for more protection. They have a separate hard padded chest plate and the back padding extends further up and down the back. 

- Is it to be worn under the suit or over the suit? 

It is designed to be worn under the race suit. Most racers wear it over a light Tshirt.

 - Can I return it if it doesn’t fit? Who pays for the shipping when there is an exchange? 

Italian Motors does not accept returns but exchanging for a different size is possible. If you accurately measure yourself against the sizing chart you should have no problems but if you receive the rib protector and it does not fit correctly it can be exchanged. You will be responsible for return shipping and the shipping charges for the new size.

 Please contact Italian Motors via email or give us a phone call if you have any further questions and we will be happy to help.