Bengio KEVLAR Rib Protector

$ 250.00 USD
Part # Bengio-K-S
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Bengio HST Kevlar Rib Protector:

This handcrafted shell of this rib protector is made with a composite of fiberglass and carbon-kevlar compound shell.  New ergonomic design is fully adjustable with double ring fastener and high performance straps.

SHIELD: Composite of fiberglass and CARBON-KEVLAR providing high resilience, as well as guaranteeing the maximum resistance against perforations and splinters.

PADDING: The closed cell foam 8mm thick, 100 kg/mc density, gives comfort and protects the driver from vibrations in high frequency.

BACK SHIELD: Internal framework in Texon480 / Back covered with a soft perforated fabric / Padding in a 5mm. closed cell foam.

ERGONOMICS:  We handcraft our products so we can realize the chest protector that fit perfect on you.

CUSTOMIZATION: We can customize our product to make your very personal Bumper.