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Complete 30mm Floating 3-Point Rotor Assembly (188x12.5)


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Part # ITL104-30A
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**NOTE that this item has been replaced by ITL104-30B found here.


Complete 30mm Floating 3-Point Rotor Assembly.  Includes:

  • 3 Point Floating Rear Brake Rotor (188mm Diameter, 12.5mm Thickness - Drilled and Vented)
  • 30mm 3-Point Floating Rotor Hub - Anodized Titanium.
  • Bolt Assembly for Floating Rotor


 3-Point Rear Brake Rotor - Drilled and Vented.


A = 188mm

B = 133mm

C = 13.5mm

D = 80mm

E = 12.5mm