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Italian Motors is one of two exclusive North American importers for the Parilla 60cc Gazelle.  The Gazelle is ideal for the young racer.  This package is simple to start, operate and maintain for new or experienced racer. Delivered as a spec engine package complete with centrifugal clutch, carburetor, air box, exhaust system, electric starter, battery, electrical harness and all necessary mounting hardware.  The Gazelle uses a pumper style carberator instead of float bowl style.

What sets the Parilla Gazelle apart from its competitors in this popular engine class is the legendary IAME durability and consumer-friendly components. Electric start is very popular with the spec engine class especially with young racers and parents.  The Gazelle is the only package of it’s type that features an innovative "self-charging" system, just one more reason the Parilla Gazelle will lead the way in this reliable, cost effective, low maintenance class. Recommended for ages 8 - 12 with a class weight of 225 lbs

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