KV 95

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The KV95 rotary valve is the engine that has established TM's reputation in the 125cc category.  Arguably the best 125cc engine ever built, the KV95 powered drivers to over 6 FIA/CIK World Championships in a row.  The TM K9 ICC has quickly picked up where the Formula C KV95 left off as it is proving to be the most potent ICC packages.

Although the KV95 is slowly being fazed out, Italian Motors continues to carry parts you may need to maintain your high performance KV and other K series TM engines.

Suggested torque values for: 
5mm - 6 ft-lb 8 nm aluminum 
6mm - 12 ft-lb 7 nm aluminum 
8mm - 14 ft-lb 18 nm aluminum 
12mm - 60 ft-lb 80 nm steel 
14mm - 100 ft-lb 135.5 nm steel