LO206 4 cycle kart

$ 5,399.99 USD
Part # Rapido V1 w/L0206
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The Italkart  Rapido V1 is the top of the line chassis we offer.  The chassis are designed to allow the driver to tune and find tenths and hundredths of a second.  In the hands of seasoned driver this is the kart to have, tried and true.  

  • Magnesium wheels w/ Bead Locks, Clear seat, Seat Struts, Castor Pills, Self Adjusting Caliper, Drilled/Vented Floating Rear Brakes, Front/Rear Removable Torsion Bars, 50mm axle, Italkart Steering Wheel
  • Briggs L0206 engine
  • DID G&G DHA Chain
  • #35 Aluminum Gear
  • *************Tires not included*************
  • Fully Assembled & Race Ready

***Tires not included

For more information on the Rapido V Chassis, click here to go to the Italkart.com Rapido V page.