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The New TaG ICC engine from TM.  All the power and excitement of ICC with all the convenience of Tag.  This long life reliable engine has a F1 integrated rev limiter so when it hit's it holds the RPM and isn't violent.  It also features a charging system, Low maintenance 30mm carb for easy jetting, large bottom end bearing and more...  The engine has been approved by TAG USA, IKF and many more to follow.  It is now being used by famous karting schools such as Bondurant Racing School due to its reliability, performance and great power band. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

Suggested torque values for: 
5mm - 6 ft-lb 8 nm aluminum 
6mm - 12 ft-lb 7 nm aluminum 
8mm - 14 ft-lb 18 nm aluminum 
12mm - 60 ft-lb 80 nm steel 
14mm - 100 ft-lb 135.5 nm steel