TM 53.93 Piston - Lightweight (KZ10B Standard)

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Part # 10047.93
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Special lightweight TM 53.93 Piston.  Includes piston, rings, pin and clips.

Use on K9, K9B, K9C, KZ10 engines.

TM Piston Kit include piston, ring, 2 circlips, and wrist pin. For use in the TM K9, K9b, and K9C ICC Engines. When using, you must set the ring end gap to 0.016" - 0.018". Please specify piston size when you order. A newer SwedeTech engine will have the piston size engraved on the outside of the cylinder, to the right of the exhaust port. You can also clean the top of the piston and look for the engraving, it should be on the intake side.
Torque Specs - 8mm Cylinder Nut - 18 ft/lbs
Torque Specs - 6mm Cylinder Head Bolts - 7 ft/lbs