Uni. Steering Column Assembly

$ 69.80 USD
Part # VA003
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Introducing another innovation from Valiante Studio Design – the new Universal Steering Column.

 Top of steering column is predrilled so the overall length can be 490mm or 470mm. The bottom bracket of steering column can be locked into 3 positions (70, 85 or 100mm) or can be unlocked at any position. The bottom bracket is also 6-holed for adjustable positioning. The shaft bottom is universal to an 8mm steering uniball and can be safety circlipped. 

  This steering column design has a quick replacement feature - by unbolting the shaft underneath, one can loosen the clamp and slide the shaft up.  As well, this design allows for instant toe-in and toe-out change by simply loosening the clamp and moving it up or down the shaft to the desired measurement.

In addition to selling the complete steering column, we are also stocking the bracket and the shaft separately for those who may want a replacement piece and not the entire assembly.