X100AC - 100cc Air Cooled Engine Package

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Part # X100AC
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 It is in our DNA – This is how president of Italian Motors Claudio Valiante describes his passion that led him towards newest project. After launching the successful X125 engines 4 years ago, and with the love of the old school 100cc engines, the IM Team is proud to introduce the X100AC. 

Why is this engine so appealing? For one it features a balance shaft that reduces vibration, improves driveability and ultimate durability. Other features include 40x25x7 Main Bearing (with a roller bearing upgrade available) and 20mm Crankpin. Valiante’s creativity has led to the one-piece exhaust system, a simplified wiring harness and removal of unnecessary parts from the package. What truly makes this engine unique is the option to convert from 100cc air-cooled into a 125cc air-cooled or even water-cooled as all three engines will utilize the same bottom end. 

Bringing together decades of engine building experience and innovation, the design process of the air-cooled X125 variant was a fun challenge for Valiante. "We have a lot of history with air-cooled engines. Incorporating our accumulated expertise has led us to design an amazing air-cooled engine package." 

The new X100 complete engine package retails for $2495 USD and includes everything needed - all accessories included, even the motor mount. An "Engine Only" option will also be offered for individuals looking for a core engine without accessories.

 X100AC Homologation 

**Parts List Under Construction and Coming Soon!