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X125T Engine Package


$ 2,195.00 USD
Part # X125T-MX (23mm carb)
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X125T Engines are now back in stock - trade in your old engine today!


Currently unhappy with your current engine program?  Feel like you're constantly replacing parts on your engine?  Frustrated with trying to figure out why or what part of your kart's electronics have left you on the grid?  You can trade-in that high maintenance, mediocre engine for an engine that can answer many of these issues.

    X125 went to great lengths to simplify the engine for the racer's benefit.  Karting engines are subject to extreme vibration, and many extra parts on an engine suffer because of it.  What X125 has done is simplify the engine configuration by removing the non-vital parts  without compromising any of the power.  In designing the engine, X125 rethought the competitive kart engine by: 

  • Removing the power box, relay, power valve and ignition switch
  • Removing these external electrical items meant that an elaborate wiring system wasn't needed.
  • Eliminating exhaust leakage by utilizing a one-piece pipe that does not need flex or wrap and is more quiet than the competitors
  • Integrating the water pump
  • Built with an elaborate balancing system to prevent continued service as with most on-engine starters
  • Intra-coil hourmeter for knowing how much time is on engine 

     Essentially X125 "trimmed the fat" off the current configuration of competitive karting engines and introduced a package that is easy to set-up, requires less maintenance and is not prone to on-grid fails.  All while achieving the same power at a lower RPM than our competitor's engines. 

Having less parts means that less can go wrong, join The Green Team today!


Trade in your running TAG engine for a BRAND NEW X125T, the future of karting!  All you need to do is:
1. Purchase and receive the $1000.00 discounted trade in price.  Select desired carb and shipping method during checkout. 
2. Pack up your engine - Include, harness, pipe, header, carb, clutch cover, radiator, and pump. (*****For Rotax engines pls send airboxes******KEEP THE BATTERY)
3. Include the trade in form (print and fill out below)
4. Ship your engine to us
5. We will contact you in and get your engine on the way!

***Now TAG USA and IKF approved to race in Pacific Northwest Regional Gold Cup and various Clubs***

Running/mounting instructions
- Fuel mixture 16:1 or 6%
– Carb settings for Tryton HB27- L 1¼ H 1¼
– Carb settings for Tillotson HL334AB – L 1¾ H1
– Carb settings for Tillotson X125T 27mm – L 1½ H1
- Please note that you may require an engine plate if your motormount does not have a cut out
on the back.  Part# A-120800A 
- Case comes with oil, PLEASE check prior to running. Requires 20cc or 20ML Recommended Part #: 00601
- Rev Limiter 15500
- Spark plug BR10EG
**We recommend checking your gear lube level before any event, and replace oil after 20 hours.



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