X30 Wiring Conversion Kit - Minor **SALE**

$ 160.00 USD
Part # X30125980A
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IAME has provided new style wiring conversion kits that allow for more integration and centralization of the engine's electrical components.  This kit is meant for preexisting X30 owners who would like to utilize the newer style battery box with the improved harness, relay and stator.

A-120905B - The battery support

A-120907-C - The battery support plate

X30125935D-C - New style wiring harness 

X30125952/1 - New style stator (does not include rotor)

X30125910 - Dampeners and hardware (set of 4)

IFE-05200 -- New style relay for X30

also includes mounting hardware for preexisting electrical components.


*Note: to mount the support system, you may need the IAME Chassis clamps, and a Battery Strap (not included).


*There is also a major kit that includes all electrical components that can be found HERE

*If you are looking for this kit for the Leopard engine, it can be found HERE